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LED Video Wall Rental

Rent LED Video Wall Corporate Event

LED Video Wall for Events

An LED video wall can be a great asset to your next event allowing you to have a large LED video screen to share your message, videos, and other content at your event.  Our LED video walls are available in a variety of sizes from small to large.  Typical LED video wall sizes are:

    5' x 6.5'

    6.5' x 8'

    8' x 10'

   10' x 16'

   13' x 20'

   13' x 23'

LED Video Wall Corporate Event Stage Backdrop

LED Video Wall for Corporate Event

Our LED video walls are used as stage backdrops for corporate events, conferences, and seminars.  These LED video walls create an impressive stage backdrop and change quickly change with your theme and message for your event.   

The LED video wall can project your PowerPoint images and presentation along with video and other media content to create a captivating event for your audience.

LED video wall screen production event with stage

LED Screen for Concerts

LED Screens can be a great add-on to concerts with our live video camera production to allow you to show the action on stage on the large LED video wall screen.  This allows your participants in the back to easily see close-up action on the stage and experience the full excitement of the live event.

In addition to offering the LED video wall, we also can provide the video camera crew and production, the stage, the sound, and the lighting for the event.

Video Wall LED panels for DJ concert show with stage lighting

Dynamic Stage with LED Video Wall

We often use our LED video wall as part of dynamic and exciting stage lighting packages for DJ and RAP artist shows.

These LED video walls can show a variety of graphics and video loops as well as timed content to match the artists music.   

We incorporate our LED video wall into the stage and lighting design to create a fantastic experience for live events.

LED Video wall Stage Backdrop Live Event

LED Video Wall for Stage Backdrop

Want to make your stage more exciting, use our LED video wall to create an exciting backdrop for your stage and next event.  Our LED video wall and our unique stage lighting can create an exciting stage backdrop that can also be used to convey your video and text messages for your event.

This exciting LED video wall technology can transform your stage into a vibrant changing backdrop for each of your scenes and messages in your presentation.

Outdoor LED Video Wall Rental Phoenix AZ

Outdoor LED Video Wall

Our LED video wall is IP65 and can be used outdoors.  This allows you to use our LED video wall during daylight and outdoors to promote your event, corporate sponsors, and other messaging and video content for your event.  Eye popping BRIGHTNESS.

Our Outdoor rated LED video wall can be setup anywhere and we can manage all the video content and programming for you.

Let us know how we can help your next event with our LED video wall.

Sports LED Video Wall with stage
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