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Portable Stage Lighting Equipment for Rent

At Arizona Stage, we do live small, medium, and large concert events. Whether you need a small stage and PA for a small event or you need a festival stage with line arrays with digital audio consoles and a fantastic light show; we can help. There’s no other company that can bring an experience to you like us. From our portable stage lighting rental equipment to our DJ Sound System, we deliver a memorable experience for you and all of your guests.

Stage Rental
- Small stages for corporate events or small performances
- Large stages for full live band concerts or events.
- Festival stages - trailer stages with covered roof and wind walls for that big festival stage feel for your live concert. Stage sizes range from a typical festival stage of 32'x24' to a 20'x16' mini festival stages.

Digital Audio Consoles and Mixers - we offer both analog consoles and full digital audio mixers with digital audio snakes for our live events. We provide the latest DJ sound systems to make your Scottsdale or Phoenix live event successful and sound fantastic.


Our digital audio consoles include AVID Venue S6L, Yamaha CL5, Yamaha TF5, and Midas M32.   Our Yamaha CL5 digital audio console rental equipment includes two Yamaha RIO 3224 digital snake boxes for your next event.

Monitors, Mics and Stands - we provide the monitors, microphones, and stands for your live event with our inventory of microphones to support live events.

Backline - we can provide your backline needs of drum kits, guitar amps, bass amps, keyboards, DJ mixers, and turntables to make your event easy for the band to set in and perform.

Speakers, Subwoofers, and Line Arrays - we have an inventory of speakers, subwoofers and line arrays to bring to your production. We believe in bringing plenty of "bottom" to your event, so your guests can feel the punch of your live band performance with our DJ sound system.

Stage Lighting - we offer portable stage lighting equipment that helps you create fantastic light shows with moving head light fixtures, lasers, fog, geysers, confetti cannons, smoke effects, light beam effects, gobos, and many other special effects, all of which will make your event look "wow." Let us design a light show for your next event that fits the style and objectives of your show.


With all of our equipment, ranging from our DJ sound system to our portable stage lighting rental equipment, you have everything you need for your Scottsdale or Phoenix event at your fingertips to ensure a memorable experience. 

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