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Mobile LED Screen Rental

Our new video wall screen trailers are perfect for sports events, sales events, car shows, and backyard parties. Our mobile LED screen is 16' x 9' tall and lifts 20' high for maximum audience coverage. The led screen can spin 360 degrees to get the perfect position for your event.

An onboard whisper generator powers the screen and any additional sound systems and microphones.

Rent Video Wall Trailer Screen

In less than 30 minutes, our video wall trailer can be set up and running. It has an HD video screen and is bright for use during the day in direct sunlight.

We also rent sound systems, wireless microphones and stage platforms to accompany the video screen trailer.

Pricing for Phoenix/East Valley/West Valley:

(Free Delivery)

LED Screen Rental Basic - $3500 

LED Screen Rental with Sound System - $3750

Dual LED Screen Rental Package - $6000

Dual LED Screen Rental with Sound - $6500

20x16 Stage in front of Video Screen - $750

Stageline SL100 with Dual LED Screens - $8500

Concert Sound, Video and Lighting - $4750


LED Screen Trailer Rental Packages

For the ultimate outdoor event experience, we set up our Stageline SL100 with dual 16x9 video screen trailers left and right for audiences up to 5000 guests.

An outdoor Sunday church service with the best live sound, video and staging technology from Arizona Stage Sound and Lights. We provide live sound engineers, video engineers, Blackmagic switchers and live stream equipment for a professional outdoor service.

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