Our Events 


We are Arizona Stage. We are a Stage sound and Lighting production Company. We do, Live concerts, Stage Rentals, PA Sound Systems, Backline and more!

Body Language Festival 

We had the pleasure to work along side with Relentless Beats to provide site lighting for their three day long EDM Music Festival!

Cabi Fashion Show 

When Thousdands of women take over the streets of Phoenix, Arizona, it's none other than the Cabi Girls celebrating their fashion and design convention! We were thrilled to design the outdoor party and fill the sky with lights and and sounds! We provided the professional SL100 mobile trailer stage, site lighting, LED runway and the spectacular stage sparklers that showered the dancefloor! 



Pest Control Corporate Event 

Bugs Life was a Corporate event. We provided LED Video Wall, Pipe and Drape, Trussing, Uplights, and Velvet Stanchions.