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Rent our Italian Bistro String Lights for your next event or party.
Vintage Italian Bistro Boardwalk String Lighting
Italian Bistro String Lighting Rental Phoenix ArizonaA popular lighting technique for outdoor events is to provide this classic vintage look of string lighting. We have a variety of layouts and patterns for string lighting which can fit amost any size event. Most events prefer either our classic clear white light or our yellow amber light.
Our string lighting in different patterns can illuminate hundreds of seated guests. String lighting pattern may vary based on environmental conditions such as available power and structures and size of area to light. We can customize the setup to fit your space and needs.
Often, this style of lighting is refered to as Italian Bistro Lighting, Festoon Lighting, Market Lighting, Cafe Lighting or String Lighting. One of the key issues with this type of lighting is .... how do you suspend this lighting over the party area. We provide all the light towers and rigging to enable us to place this type of lighting in any space.
We provide the lighting poles that will allow us to suspend this lighting over any area without any damage to the facility. We also do not anchor anything into the ground, thereby we work very hard to not damage the lawn. This complexity is often overlooked, but a critical part in our service to provide you an wonderful event free of issues and problems.
Contact us about lighting rental for your event event or party with these Italian Bistro String Lights in the Phoenix area.   Call Paul at 602.492.6624