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Design and Installation (Commercial Audio, Sound, Lighting, Video, AV)
We provide installation of sound, lighting, and media equipment in remodeling, upgrading, or new construction on a variety of facilities.  We have expertise and capabilities in:
  • Church - House of Worship (Lighting, audio systems, AV media systems)
  • Theater (Stage lighting and audio systems)
  • Restaurant, Bar, Club (house audio, stage lighting, DJ & Dance Floor equipment)
  • Corporate Theater (Commercial AV, lighting, architectural, and other capabilities)


Contact us about your project and let's begin... small or large project - give us a call... we have the expertise in commercial audio video and lighting systems.   Call Paul at 602.492.6624

Stage Lighting Design Assessment drawing
Let's get to the real impact, we will work with you to define specific issues, outline goals, determine project success, and assess your current environment.   This assessment will go into reviewing all the physical, financial, emotional, and experience design issues of the current environment and set goals for the project to succeed.   Our on-line project web site will allow your team to access all the project documents and post questions, documents, and provide feedback on the project to stay "in the loop".
Stage Lighting design and consulting drawing
Anyone who appreciates good music in all its many styles, can appreciate great concert sound and lighting.  We use our creative staff to design in flexibility, versatility, and performance into your project.   We work with your project team to tailor each space to its intended size and use.  We plan from small spaces and budgets to large venues with complex needs and large scale budgets.  Working with your team, we recommend the appropriate equipment... from light fixtures, mixing boards, to staging and cabling.   We will help you have the right equipment and know how to use it.
stage lighting productionCreative design doesn't go far if your team doesn't know how to use it.   Our implementation of your project will include the planning and training necessary to use the system.  We will work with your team to determine the implementation plan, highlight priorities, and ensure a smooth implementation.   Issues and challenges will arise, but our effective communication and teamwork will help your team bring the project to completion.  Our customized approach to your project will bring out the best in each individual project.  Whether designing and installing a package that brings glow and sizzle, or planning a small venue system, we will design and implement your system to help you create the magic at your next event.  We are here in Phoenix, so we are on-site for your project.
Project Management
stage lighting design installation project plan consulting
We are part of your team, working side-by-side to deliver excellence through experience and dedication.  From the initial design meeting to the experience of seeing and hearing your new system, our team is your source of expertise and organization from start to finish.  Communication is key, and we track all the details on our on-line project web site.   This collaboration web site allows all of the team members to access and post critical information about the project and stay "in the loop" during all phases of the project.
 Stage Lighting Project Design Assessment
Phoenix Arizona Stage Sound & Lights - Commerical Audio, Lighting, and Video Systems
 (includes Scottsdale other other Phoenix Metro areas)