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House of Worship - Church Worship Sound, Lights, A/V Media Production
church stage lighting Church Stage Lights
Church lighting, sound and media have grown in complexity and features over the last many years.   The new capabilities of technology enable vast new methods for creating the perfect mood, an extraordinary feel, and setting the stage for a perfect message and moment.   Lighting, sound, and media have become a critical part of the current worship environment to help deliver tasteful and appropriate parts of the overall experience.   Our team here in Phoenix will work with your church to design appropriate equipment for your venue, outline a budget that is achievable, and train your staff to operate new systems.
church stage lighting projector projection Lighting, staging, speakers, acoustic systems, and media equipment can greatly enhance the visitor experience at your church.   Lighting can complement and focus attention during a service on the focal points... while reducing distraction to other areas of the venue.  We will work with you to design new video, lighting, and sound to help raise your venue to the next level of experience.   We have decades of experience in design, installation, and remodel of systems in church facilities and understand the many issues that can be encountered.  We are located in Phoenix and will be on-site at your church to help  (includes Scottsdale other other Phoenix Metro areas).
We understand  working with Church budgets and volunteers. 
We offer special pricing to Church projects, call to discuss more about pricing for your church.  We often bring lighting fixtures and equipment into your church to see how it performs in your space.  This demonstration helps understand how equipment will really perform in your environment giving much more confidence in any purchase.  We have worked with many Phoenix valley churches in addressing their unique and sometimes complicated environments.  We work with churches to utilize their volunteer staff as much as possible to keep our fees as low and help the church maximize their investment in new equipment.
church stage lighting projection installation Design lightsChurch Stage Lighting Design ConsultingChurch Stage Lights Lighting Design and Video Projection
Church Lighting Workshop - On-Site at your Church
We have found that many people have become frustrated in buying light fixtures, trying them out at their Church only to find they don't really get the look and impact they wanted.  Also, every building is different, with different features, capabilities, styles and architecture. There are many technologies, features, and factors when planning lighting for your stage and events.   We have created an on-site lighting workshop to bring the technologies and answers to your Church.  This allows us to talk about specific lighting technologies, review your lighting environment, and talk about how to make the biggest impact to appropriate lighting for your worship center.   We bring several lighting fixtures, dmx controller, and other tools to the workshop so you get a real hands on-see it at your building experience.  This allows you to make better decisions on what light fixture will make a difference at your facility.  Our workshop is generally about 3 hours long and we get answers to your key questions on what to do at your Church.   Workshop fee:  $250  Call us to see if this workshop makes sense for your Church at 602.492.6624
Church Digital Audio Workshop - On-Site at your Church
Thinking about moving to a digital audio console?  Wanting to improve your recording?  Thinking about a digital snake?  Wanting personal on-stage monitor mixing? Can I use wirelesss devices  with a digital audio network?  Want to understand how a digital console choice will really involve setting up a digital audio network?  Want to understand the various digital network technology choices and how they all don't work together?  Need better information to make choices about the mixer and all the devices?
This on-site digital audio workshop will help you understand the choices in digital audio mixing, how they differ from analog, and all the technologies involved in setting up a digital audio network in your facility.   This will give your tech team a background in all the technologies and help you to understand the choices in digital technologies.   Workshop fee:  $250  Call us to see if this workshop makes sense for your Church at 602.492.6624
For important information and ideas about Stage Lighting Design ----> Click Here
church stage lighting design
Some fun projects -
Flagstaff Christian Church- Flagstaff, AZ - New Stage Truss and Lighting effects make the worship service more impactful
New Church Worship Stage Lighting with Truss and stretch shapes and LED lighting at Flagstaff Christian Church
Skyway Church - Goodyear, AZ - Doing some lighting work on the system at Skyway - bad dimmer day
Bad ETC Dimmer Church Stage Lighting design electrical diagramETC Unison Dimmer Pack system at Church
Faith Family Church - Chandler, AZ - Hanging 80' of new truss and lighting for the Sanctuary
Church truss and lighting hanging upgrade project
Phoenix Arizona Stage Sound & Lights
  (includes Scottsdale other other Phoenix Metro areas)