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Follow Spot Rental and Sales
Need to rent a follow spot for a production, play, or drama?  We have a great inventory of rental follow spots available at low rental costs.   Our typical rate is $150 for a day rental, $250 for a week rental on our high power follow spot that operates on a regular 110vac household outlet.  No special power requirements for this follow spot.   Our follow spot also includes adjustable iris, focus, dimmer, and tripod stand.
Contact us about reserving a follow spot for your next event or production.    Paul Thomas at  602.492.6624 or
Follow Spot Light Rental in Phoenix Arizona by
A Spotlight, sometimes known as a followspot, is a powerful stage light which projects a bright beam of light onto a performance space.  Spotlights or follow spots are controlled by a follow spot operator who tracks actors around the stage.  Follow spot lights are most commonly used in concerts, musicals, plays, and events where highlighting a specific individual is critical. 
Typical follow spot lights include:
A strong light source (either incandescent or LED follow spot light)
A lens which can be manually focused
A dimmer to control the brightness of the beam
An "iris" control to adjust the size of the beam
We have different follow spot lights available including incandescent and LED follow spots.  We have follow spots that have beautiful white beams or offer various colors.
Contact us about renting or purchasing a follow spot light for your next event.
Follow spot light rental in Phoenix and Scottsdale AZ Spotlight